Collateral Onboarding Poll

The protocol is nearing a point where it will be possible to onboard numerous collateral types onto the platform. This poll will serve as a gauge to indicate user interest in certain collateral assets, which will inform our onboarding process once we move forward.

All of the assets below will be possible to onboard onto the platform over time, should the current market conditions hold. It is also worth noting that, when onboarding commences, each asset will undergo a risk-evaluation to determine whether it is a safe asset to onboard, as well as what the parameters for the asset should be to ensure the safety of the protocol and users.

Please select a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 assets in the poll below. Results will remain hidden until you have cast your vote.

  • stAssets (stSOL, stETH)
  • cAssets (cSOL, cBTC, cETH, cRAY, cmSOL, cstSOL)
  • daoSOL
  • scnSOL
  • renBTC
  • Nova nAssets
  • Layer 1 (BNB, AVAX, NEAR)
  • Saber - BTC / renBTC, pBTC / renBTC
  • Saber - USDH / USDC
  • Saber - aeFTT / FTT
  • Saber - mSOL / SOL, stSOL / SOL
  • Raydium - ETH / SOL
  • Raydium - RAY / SOL
  • Raydium - ETH / stSOL
  • Raydium - BTC / stSOL
  • Raydium - soETH / mSOL
  • Orca - mSOL / SOL
  • Orca - ORCA / SOL
  • Orca - SHDW / SOL
  • Orca - MNDE / mSOL

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Layer 1,BNB Avax Near


stETH and USDH LP gang


would love for the team to consider Tulip Protocol assets as well such as TuRay, TuSrm

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Composable Tokens from Solend (ctoken) and Tulip (tutoken) will improve the value proposition to users.

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I am strongly against collateralized tokens or LP tokens that involve USDH

The latter creates a perpetual motion machine. During a collapse, this collateral would not help.

The former is too risky because during financial crisis, the lending protocol will compete for liquidation rights

Have to think about how things behave under stress

Hubble is a beautiful, battle hardened, capital inefficient, masterpiece. Lets keep it that way!