Formal Proposal Outline

After your RFC has facilitated a clear voting outcome and has remained active for at least a week, a Moderator will either approve or archive your proposal. Once approved, your RFC transitions into an on-chain HIP. This is faciliated on the Hubble Governance Portal. The Moderator will guide you through the process of posting an official HIP:

  1. Type out a draft of your Formal Proposal with respect to the information and voting outcome in your RFC. Outline the relevant information in neutral language, and concisely. Once your draft is complete, send it to the Moderator who is facilitating your HIP, who will then review.

  2. Once the review is completed, the Moderator will notify you of any necessary changes.

  3. When your Formal Proposal is ready for posting, the Moderator will open an official vote on the Governance Portal.

  4. Create your Formal Proposal with the correct HIP identifiers.

  5. Add the hip tag, as well as a tag the relates to the topic. You are free to create a tag if you cannot find an pre-created tag that relates to your Proposal.

  6. Post your Proposal with the exact same text as agreed upon with the facilitating Moderator.

  7. Add the following information at the top of your proposal:

HIP Identifier: (the exact HIP identifier you are using. eg. HIP1v1)
Title: (the exact title of your Formal Proposal)
Author(s): (this will likely only be your name for now. eg. Dawid Snyders [@toothfairy])
Date Proposed: (the date you post the proposal on the forum, in dd-mm-yyyy format)
Date Ratified: (the date that the on-chain vote is completed, in dd-mm-yyyy format)
Link to Vote: (link to the vote on the Governance Portal)

The on-chain voting will typically remain open for 5 days, and as the HIP Author, you should remain actively engaged in your Formal Proposal post in the forum of its duration. Once the voting is complete and a result is conclusive:

  1. Move your Formal Proposal to the Archive
  2. Add the ratified tag.

Once you have completed the final steps, your HIP is concluded.

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