Full-Governance Framework for Future Reference

Our standard governance flow will consist of four phases. During each phase, the best outcome will be achieved if there is considerable community engagement. Proposals will be most effective if the member posting it encourages the community to take part in the discussion, using social channels like Discord and Twitter to direct them to the topic.

Each phase will have its own outline, which you will find in their respective sections: Proposal Idea, Request for Feedback, Formal Proposal.

Proposal Idea

The initial step in the governance process will be the ideation of a new idea, and the presentation of it to the community in the Proposal Idea section. Discussions around your idea might originate in the #governance channel in Discord, or in the Discussion section of the Governance category. The Proposal Idea section is where your idea then finds structure, and where you can gather coherent feedback on a single topic. To present an idea, you will need to familiarize yourself with the , then structure and manage your proposal accordingly.

Request for Feedback

If your proposal idea proves feasible by gaining community interest, or your informal-poll has indicated community approval, the next step will be to prepare an [R

FC] in the Hubble Improvement Proposal category. As we are in the early stages of Governance, we are still establishing the parameters for a Proposal Idea to be considered ready for the RFC stage.

Initially, if you need clarity on whether your idea can progress, we will encourage you to contact a Moderator with a link to your topic; they will work with you to determine its feasibility as an RFC. Once your idea is deemed fit to advance, you should read the , then construct and manage your topic accordingly.

Hubble Improvement Proposal

Submitting an [HIP] will be the final step of the governance process, which ultimately determines whether your Proposal is archived, or progressed to an on-chain vote. If the voting and feedback on your [RFC] proves conclusive, the next step will be to contact a Moderator, who will either Approve or Decline your proposal. If approved, an HIP should be constructed according to the HIP Framework. HIPs will be submitted in the Formal Proposal section. Voting on your HIP will occur for one to two weeks, according to the time it takes for the vote to prove conclusive.

On-chain Vote

This will be the final step of the governance process. When we progress into a more robust governance system, a successful HIP will be migrated to the on-chain voting platform, where an official vote will occur for a period of five days. If the on-chain vote is successful, the HIP will be executed by the dev team, and progress will be reported in the Updates section.