How you can use USDH and HBB across Solana DeFi

Hubble Protocol went live on the Solana Mainnet on Monday, January 31st at 8 PM UTC.

With this launch, users are able to mint and deposit USDH, and they can stake their HBB to begin earning rewards.

In a past article, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide on How To: Use Hubble, and it includes instructions on how to:

  • Borrow USDH
  • Stake HBB
  • Deposit USDH in the Stability Pool

Now that USDH is entering the greater Solana ecosystem, we’d like to make it easier for everyone to participate in some of our tokens’ first use cases by creating more step-by-step guides for:

  • Providing HBB LP on Orca
  • Providing USDH LP on Saber
  • Swapping USDH via Saber
  • Providing USDH LP on Mercurial

With this guide, users can start earning yield from participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) with USDH immediately by following these easy steps.

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