Hubble Improvement Proposal Lifecycle

Welcome to the Hubble Protocol Forum!

Here’s a brief outline of Hubble’s governance process, which will eventually culminate in an on-chain vote on our Governance Portal.

  1. To start the process, post a topic in the Proposal Idea section. Tag your post with the relevant labels, and add a poll if applicable.
    Note: Read the Proposal Idea guideline before posting your proposal.
    Note: If you propose to add a new collateral asset, post in the Collateral Onboarding section.
  2. After posting a [Proposal Idea], invite users from Discord to contribute to the discussion.

Note that we are in the early stages of governance. At present, only the Proposal Idea category is open for users to submit topics. We will open more categories as our governance grows more robust.

  1. Grant other users at least a week to take part in the discussion.
  2. If the discussion or informal-poll on your topic indicates community interest, post a Request for Comment in the RFC section according to the RFC Framework.
  3. Update your RFC with the input offered by other users. Your RFC should remain current with all the relevant information posted in the comment section.
  4. Once your RFC has matured and received sufficient feedback, notify a Forum Moderator, who will determine whether your RFC can be whitelisted to advance into a formal proposal.
  5. If whitelisted, open a HIP in the Formal Proposal section, according to the Formal Proposal Outline. The HIP vote will typically remain open for five days.
  6. If your proposal has received sufficient votes, notify a Moderator, who will facilitate the on-chain voting process on the Governance Portal.

For a more robust overview of the governance process, read the Full-Governance Framework.