Proposal Idea Guidelines

Submitting a proposal idea is the first phase in the HIP lifecycle. This is the initial proposal of your idea to the community. Always maintain a neutral tone in your proposal; terms like ‘exceptional’, ‘horrible’ and ‘unbelievable’ only set up a biased discussion, which does not serve the purpose of this forum.

The Proposal Idea process goes as follows:

  1. Prepare your Proposal Idea and ensure that the correct labels are added (more on this below).
  2. Once posted, direct the community to engage with your proposal.
  3. Keep your proposal active for at least a week.
  4. Notify a Moderator when you believe your proposal is ready for review and potential progression into an RFC.
  5. Change the labels depending on whether your proposal was progressed or not, as outlined below.
  6. If your proposal has been progressed into an RFC, link your RFC at the top of your Proposal Idea, stating only: RFC{number}: link-to-rfc
  7. Move your post to the Proposal Archive

Key elements to note:

1. Post your topic in the Governance: Proposal Idea section.

2. Tag your topic with the proposal-idea and active tags.

Proposal Ideas should remain active for at least a week, and preferably 10 days or more. Some users do not check the forum on a daily basis, and the goal of your proposal is to capture as much community feedback as possible.

When posting, your topic should be tagged active. It should look like this:

3. When Proposal Idea phase is over, change tags and move post to Proposal Archive

If, after gathering input for at least a week, your Proposal Idea transitions into an RFC:

  1. Change the tag from active to progressed.
  2. Add the link to your RFC at the top of your Proposal Idea.
  3. Move your Proposal Idea to the Proposal Archive section.

It should look as follows:

If it does not progress, remove the active tag, and move your Proposal Idea to Proposal Archive.

4. Creating a poll

Polls are an effective way of gauging community interest in your topic. Poll guidelines, as set out at the bottom of the RFC Guidelines. If your polls does not adhere to the guidelines, a Moderator will notify you that your poll needs adjusting.

If you need clarity on any part of this process, contact a Moderator and explain the issue as precise as possible.